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Angular Development

Build lightweight, scalable, and intuitive web and mobile apps with our Angular JS Development Services.

At IPEX, we build robust and secure app solutions. Our pool of AngularJS developers follows the best development practices and patterns to craft rich single page, cross-platform applications with user-friendly features and responsive UI design. We are well-versed with the up-to-date features and add-ons that focus on all your business needs. It is an exceedingly scalable and secure JavaScript MVW framework maintained by Google.

Angular is a platform and framework for building client applications in HTML and TypeScript. Angular is itself written in TypeScript. It implements core and optional functionality as a set of TypeScript libraries that you import into your apps.

One of the major reasons to use Angular is it’s out of the box functionalities and a broad spectrum of features that helps to achieve high speed to market. Moreover, Angular comes up with ready-made components that help in the scaling of your project, thus, an ideal choice for enterprise applications.

We craft highly functional Angular web and mobile applications that are phenomenal in terms of adaptability, scalability, security, and stability.

Why Angular?

Angular is a framework for building client applications in HTML, CSS and JavaScript/TypeScript. It is one among the world’s most powerful JavaScript frameworks. Have a look at some of the major features of Angular.

Increases re-usability of code

Provides structure to JavaScript

Makes application more testable

Suitable for SPA (Single-Page Applications)

Gives our application a clean structure

Two-way data-binding

Angular Development Services

Crafting dynamic, responsive, and intuitive AngularJS applications for your business

Custom Angular Development

Our custom web development team is all set to deliver rapid web applications leveraging latest cutting-edge web development tools & technology to build featured rich website solutions.

Backend API Integration

Our Certified Web Developers are experts in delivering B2B and B2C web portals development service that helps to boost the efficiency of your business operations while improving the sales from the marketplace.


Hire our API Specialists; masters in developing and integrating high performance, secure API’s that meet industry standards. Our Web API experts are skilled with SOAP/REST API methods to deliver data processing in various programming language.

E-Commerce Development

Web maintenance is an evitable process for any website to maintain its performance & security. We at IPEX had developed a proven indigenous maintenance process to ensure cost-effective website maintenance support.

Third Party API Integration

With a prolonged experience in delivering web solutions to vast industry domain, our talented web developers help your with any web based requirement with best web app consultation. Whatever be your requirement is, we deliver the best.

Angular Maintenace & Support

Create a new business value of your existing application while upgrading it to the latest users' needs. We help you modernize, re-architect, and refactor your old web application or website, ensuring no current operation will get affected.

Technologies We Put Into Use

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Why should you choose IPEX For AngularJS Web and Mobile App Development?

Our expertise in AngularJS web and mobile app development encompasses a broader span of world- class features and functionalities that helps you become market leaders.

Agile Development Approach

We focus on customer delight throughout the AngularJS web and mobile application development process and strive to deliver the best solution in shorter sprints. We practice a secure agile development approach all through the project.

Dedicated Angular Development Team

Our highly skilled cross-functional teams will help in building Angular solutions using deep tech and innovative practices across all devices. With the development of intuitive user-interface, robust architectures, and reliable portals, our Angular experts deploy comprehensive and organized Angular solutions with top-notch features and functionalities.

Angular Web Development Trends

We engineer the best angular solutions in the industry and pace up with trends like micro frontends, atomic design, encapsulated styling, and shadow DOM, ESM CDN, and progressive web apps.

Angular Website Migration Services

We can enhance your existing website as we have expertise in upgrading versions or migrating your applications to Angular by providing a smooth and hassle-less implementation process.

Performance Metrics

Angular application is designed keeping in mind the various performance metrics like event loop, memory leaks, business transaction, application topology, and external dependencies.


We assure you to deliver frequent and reliable code changes by our highly skilled Angular developers that follow a set of operating principles leading to better collaboration, software quality, and shorter time to market.


We build secure end-to-end Angular applications that are resilient to HTTP-level vulnerabilities, server-side attacks, or cross-site scripting attacks. We work on every security concern from the beginning of the project to the production priorities keeping in mind the budget constraints. We incorporate the best security practices like preventing XSS, avoiding risky Angular APIs, updated with the latest Angular libraries, and by not customizing Angular files.

Client Engagement

We engage our clients throughout the Angular JS web development process for continuous feedback thereby delivering solutions as per the client’s requirements. With continuous client engagement, we strive to deliver the best solution to build a positive impact on your business.

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